Tillandsia Cyanae Small


Tillandsia Cyanae Small


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Native distribution and habitat: Native to the rainforests of Ecuador, where it
grows as an epiphyte on tops of trees or shrubs that receive direct sun and high
temperatures usually at altitudes of 1,000 to 3,500 feet.

Growth habit: From forty to sixty thin, glass-like leaves, up to 300 cm long,
comes the inflorescence and because of its compact form and brilliant, long
lasting inflorescence it is considered one of the most desirable members of the
genus for cultivation.

Foliage: The leaves are vertically striped with brown on the back toward the
base and form a graceful grass like rosette.

Flowers: The inflorescence is a shaped and structured like a fan being comparatively
thin but about 4 to 6 inches wide, and is of the brightest pink rose colour
From the edge of the inflorescence the large, brilliant blue petaled flowers emerge
singly or in pairs. This species is similar to T. lindenii (which it was once called),
but the scape (spike) is shorter, and the inflorescence is larger and more brilliant

Size: Approx 9 inch.

P.S..: The plant does not have bud or flower as of now and will be shipped bare rkkt


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