Tillandsia Ehlersiana Clump Small


Tillandsia Ehlersiana Clump Small


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Each clump will have 3-4 plants.

Native distribution and habitat: Native to Chiapas near Ocozocoautla, Mexico, where it is found at altitudes around 700 m and grows as an epiphyte on trees or a lithophyte on steep granite rocky cliffs.

Growth habit: Over time, the plant forms and attractive tear drop shaped bulb with silver trichome rich pointed leaves that appear to shoot out from the centre. Closer inspection reveals The base of the leaves widen to wrap around the base of the plant and form the bulb. T. ehlersiana, forms a large bulbous base, has white lepidote foliage and rose colored spikes. When allowed to grow in to a large clump it creates a bizarre shaped ball.

Foliage: The leaves are very attractive with pronounced silver trichomes that cover the surface and give the plant an amazing texture. The leaves are covered 0with a distinct scuff like silver trichome like suede. The out side threadlike leaves bend downwards as the plant matures.

Flowers: The upper part of the plant and inflorescence becomes a beautiful rose when it blooms and the flower petals are a dark violet.

Cultivation: This is a sought after plant but can take many years to mature. Protect the species from direct mid-day sun in summer. Surprisingly this is a very cold-hardy.

Size: Approx 3-5 inch


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