Tillandsia Paleacea Maxima(with pups)


Tillandsia Paleacea Maxima(with pups)


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Origins: Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Chile

Bloom: Green/grey inflorescence with light purple tri-petal flowers

Light: Partial to full sun

Ideal for: Outdoors

Flowers: A long thin green stalk emerges from the plant tipped with a thin green faintly purple sheath, from which attractive astor – violet blooms open. While T. paleacea has small flowers, they are eye catching and fragrant. The flowers are keeled.

Pups: The plant produces pups from back growth on the stem.

Cultivation: A hardy, adaptable and easy plant to grow it can endure long dry periods but will respond to regular misting in the warmer months.

Water: Spray or dunk once a week, allow to dry within 3-4 hours.  This plant doesn’t need to be/shouldn’t be soaked for long periods of time

This variety of paleacea can form large clumps that are very tolerant of light.  This plant can be kept in full sun with the proper amount if water, and produces multiple pups each bloom, albeit slow growing

Size: 8-9 inches with 3-4 pups


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