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Invite your social circle for a pop-up booth planned & organized by YOU!
Welcome home a collection of handpicked air plants, make it look creative, price our products the way you want and start earning!


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Answers To All Your Questions

Who can become an Air Plant Planet Tilly Show Host?

From housewives to professionals, anyone who has a good sense of creativity, loves plants ,likes to socialize and wants to earn while doing all of this, can become a host. You can host the Air Plant Planet Tilly Show at your home, a cafe or at an exhibition, completely at your convenience.

What do I need to Host a Tilly Show?

All you need is a place where you can call people to shop, it can be your home, your society or an exhibition stall!

A network of friends, family & people you can invite to your event! Basic things to setup the Air Plants display like table , baskets and creative methods or designs as how you would like to sell Air Plants with accessories is all you need.

What all varieties of Air Plants you will be sending and can I get a preview of the same?

We’ll send you collection of beginners and collectors air plants depending on the preferences of your network . Typically, our collection of Air Plants are handpicked from all over the world and are a fair mix of beginners and collectors  plants. Once we get you on board as a Tilly Show host, we will be sending you photos of our sample collection that you can share with your network to give them a peek into what they can expect from the Tilly Show.

How do I make money from this?

For the entire selection of Air Plants that we send you, you’ll be free to decide the retail price* at which you want to sell these plants. We’ll send you only the Air Plants and you can accessories the Air Plant based on your creativity. You  are free to decide your own markup and discounts. At the end of the show, everything that you earn over and above the base cost is for you to keep. We mean it when we say you run it the way you want!

I have a huge network of friends and family but I’m not sure about the setup. Who can help with that?

We encourage you to set the show up as you please. There are absolutely no restrictions. But if you feel a little lost, our expert can definitely share some tips to help drive traffic and sales. Typically, a Tilly show should be as personalized as possible.

When it comes to name and knowledge of Air Plants , we will be sharing you the complete Air Plant guidance in the email . We will also be sharing the basic care instruction guidance to be given to your customers.